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Tears pour down my face
As I read about your death
This can't be real
I don't know how to feel

Lost in my thoughts
Your weighing deeply on my mind
Hear & see you all the time
In everything I do and everywhere I go

Hurt, pain & anger, I can't get it straight
Tears of bitterness stain my soul & my face
I wish I had said so much to you
Told you the truth and showed you how much you ment to me
But now it's to late

I hope that you have found peace
I hope you are happy and in no pain any longer
Know that you were loved by many
And that we all miss you deeply
More then you'll ever know

How do I get through my inner pain
Thinking of you, I am going insane
I just can't get you out of my mind
Is this going to get any easyer in time

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Good poem. I've felt this way too when people I have known moved away or passed on.
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