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Do you parent(s), friends, or family ask about how your meds make you feel?

I know some people say they make the emotionless, numb, etc but I'm currently on 20mg of Celexa & it's doesn't make me feel like anything, good or bad. It just equals less anxiety symptoms when I head out is all. It was the same for the others I tried.(This is outside of side effects like low appetite, tiredness, etc)

Anyway, my mom asks me regularly how it makes me feel, if my body is used to it, etc. I find it so annoying because I don't know how to explain to her it's not some wonder drug that makes me happy & want to be social it just makes it easier to cope with less severe symptoms

Also, if applicable, do your meds have a noticeable effect or your moods?

If there's been any change to mine the transition has been extremely smooth so as to keep me from realizing them
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