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Qualitative Anxiety Survey

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jez and I’m a student currently studying in Kent. At the moment our assignment is to create a documentary that will inform our target audience about Phobias and how they affect the lives of the people who have them.
As a precursor to any assignment, research is required to make it as correct and informative as possible.
This is where I will need all of your help :D

Below is a short questionnaire; this qualitative survey will hopefully answer some of my questions about the anxiety that affects, presumably a large number of you who participate on this forum. It will enable me and my production team to make a better quality programme.

Any questions that you do not feel comfortable answering simply leave blank.
If you do wish to participate, but don’t feel comfortable with your answers being on show, send me a private message with your answers.
Please try and answer the questions with a full and detailed response, give exmaples to illustrate your answer if you wish :)

None of the information that you give me will go further than my college tutor, the programme isn’t going to be broadcast.

Here we go

Racial Classification:
Sexual Orientation:
Country of Residence:
Relationship Status:
Residential Status (Who do you live with?):

Do you consider yourself to have Social Anxiety Disorder?

When did you first suspect that you may this disorder?

Are you self diagnosed or did a profession give their opinion?

How does the Disorder affect you?

Has the disorder limited the choices you are able to make in your daily life?

Have you ever sought professional help to combat your disorder?

Are you currently taking, Or have you taken medication for your disorder?

As you have grown older do you feel your anxiety has grown too or has it become less noticeable?

What tips would you give to an individual who has the same anxiety as you?

Thankyou very much for taking the time to read this post!
If you are able please ask others to particpate too :p
The more the merrier.

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Why don't YOU fill out the profile first? :D

I don't mind doing it but I'm paranoid, I guess I'll pm you.
Feel free to PM me :)

I tried not to make the questions seem blunt, but it was a little hard.
Please don't be shy.
The responses so far have been very helpful and insightful.

If you have the time please feel free to PM me with your answers.

Best wishes, Jez
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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