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What is the standard fee for seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist from your experience? From my experience, I have seen psychiatrists that have charged anywhere from $225 a session (and I'm not talking about the initial consultation) to $175. Psychologists or therapists have charged me anywhere from $125-165. Some of them see patients even past 6 or 7 in the evening. Damn, they must be rolling in cash. I just feel uncomfortable knowing that they are going to get paid (even if most of it is covered by insurance) that much money just to talk to me for 50 minutes and give me some advice. I swear, though, if I ever get over my SAD I might look into getting a private practice. Does it make anyone else uncomfortable that a therapist may not give a shi** about you because he/she is getting a fat check at the end of it. Does anyone have trouble getting the most out of their therapy because they feel they are getting fleeced and that all of this "therapy" is just a scam?
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