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Gouda or Parmesan?

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice cream? (you can still have both in other deserts, just if you had to give up one kind of icecream..)

Shrimp or Crab?

Butter or Olive Oil?

Okay, that's pretty much the remake of my roomate and I's conversation just now, except it was at length, and quite heartbreaking, as most of it we didn't want to give up. We had some easier ones, but hey here's a few more for the heck of it...

Salt or Sugar? (Oy...)

Mmm... Lamb or Goat... Mmmm... No contest for me, actually... Dammit, I love Goat! I love Lamb!

Sushi (japanese food) or Indian Food?

Oh man.. too many to go off on, and it all just breaks my heart to imagine it...

Oh well, just thought it was a good conversation, thought I would share.


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I'd give up:

Parmesan (too stinky) for Gouda

Chocolate for vanilla :)cry)

Shrimp for Crab (don't like shrimp much)

Butter for Olive Oil (love olive oil)

Sugar for salt (prefer salty food to sweet food anyway)

Sushi for Indian Food (no contest: Indian food is yummy! :banana)

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I'd give up gouda for parmesean
Chocolate for vanilla
Crab for shrimp(I don't like either)
Olive oil for butter
Salt for sugar
and sushi for indian food(though I'm not sure if I've had it before)

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You guys are both vegeterians arn't you...



Anyway.. peaches or pears?

Crossiant/Danishs'/classical pastries vs Bob's Donuts in San Francisco/Donuts?

Ketchup or Mustard?

Beer or Wine?

Um those were a few more we had, I feel like I forgot the good ones, but maybe it was just that we argued the merits of good smoked gooda vs good parmesan so much that it seemed like we had more.


ps. Can anyone else think of any?

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This one of the most interesting threads haha.

Let see, I'd keep:

Proscuitto, although really close lol

Parmesan, as I've never had Gouda

Chocolate, since Vanilla is just usually bland. You can honestly do more with Vanilla though like Cookies and Creme, so really hard choice lol. But then, Chocolate has Rocky Road, Bear Tracks, Chocolate Mint, Mocha, Fudge so many xD

Shrimp, since crab takes too much work to eat. Plus it's really sharp and can cut you >_>

Olive Oil, great for cooking and since there's margarine. Butter is better for you though I think, I just like that margarine flavor lol, plus easier to spread.

Salt cause every meal needs it, and it be used to cure and brine. Plus there are a vast number of other sweeteners to use.

Sushi (which probably also means sashimi here) since that's just glorious and I've never really had much Indian food.

To continue on the rest:

I'd go with goat, since lamb is eating babies. Probably tastes better though lol.

Peaches any day, they have a wonderful smell and pleasant shape! I like pears too but they go bad fast compared to peaches. Plus they are also fuzzy and pears are not, so that gives them points^^

I'd take donuts over classical pastries. I've had great danishes and stuff though so it's really hard there. Donuts also would probably include cinnamon rolls, bear claws, and whatever over fried pastries those places probably make too.

Ketchup, since you just need it for fries lol mustard can live without.

Wine, it's just great to drink, and vast amount of types to go with any meal. Plus ages well and lasts awhile, flat beer is so-so, loses it's oomph and needs to be cold and fresh.

To add my own:

Pizza vs Calzone/Hotpocket
Pizza, is just too good, but calzones are portable lol

Hamburger/Cheeseburger vs Sub-sandwich
Cheeseburger/Hamburger @[email protected]!!!!

Cheddar vs Mozzarella

Taco vs Burrito
Taco, especially with decent pico de gallo!

Coffee vs Tea
Coffee, stronger caffeine lol. Although I do like tea to just drink, probably has better flavor overall, not really sure. So many types I haven't tried though.

Pie vs Cake
I'd go with pie, although I love ice cream cake, pies of the cream variety are just delightful. Except meringue, it's just too rich. Cream cheese pies are really good though or rather cake? Raspberry, Lemon, and Carrot cheese cake, especially a graham cracker crust heavenly @[email protected]

Hotdog vs Fried Chicken
Hotdog IF beef, if not, then fried chicken lol.

Waffles vs Pancakes
Oh that is just SO difficult. Waffles are great, and can be eaten with ice cream and fruit or syrup. Pancakes, can have crepes though too.... UNDECIDED @[email protected]

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I'd give up sorano ham for prosciutto,

I'd give up parmesan for gouda,

I'd give up vanilla ice cream for chocolate ice cream,

And I'd easily give up shrimp for crab.

I guess I'd give up butter...I could just use margerine after all.

Damn. Salt or sugar...I am more of a savory person, so I'd give up sugar.

I haven't tried lamb or goat but goat doesn't sound to appetizing and I've always wanted to try lamb, so I'd give up goat.

I have never tried Indian food and don't care to, so I'd, without a doubt, give that up for some delicious sushi.

I guess I'd give up pears for peaches,

Perhaps donuts for pastries,

I'd give up mustard for ketchup,

And easily beer for wine.

Only half way through did I realize this thread was done in 2005. Why the hell didn't it get more posts?

Edit: Got to do the newer ones ^

I would keep:

Cheddar (I am a disgrace to Italians everywhere)
Fried chicken
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