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Sunshine009 ask me to post this for her. She is unable to post, veiw current posts, and when editing her last two posts before the system went down there was a bracket with a lower case p next to the last two posts. At this time the system was already down. She didn't know why that was happening so she deleted the posts.

I, Reaching Higher, also attempted with her permission to sign into her account and post a report on board feedback. Everything seemed to work until I went to send the post. Then the post just disappeared like it never existed.

When she views profiles all the tabs are missing and the information that was supposed to be in the tabs, instead are all under the visitor messages.

She couldn't PM you, couldn't post, and couldn't view quick links "Today's Posts."

She is asking if you could please examine this and make the necessary repairs. She thanks you in advance for your help.
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