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i think i had a heat stroke last summer, now every time i get hot i start to get a anxiety like feeling, i feel week and kind of shaky and get all spacey, its not like a anxiety attack where you get really scared till i have been hot for a while and start feeling like im getting a heat stroke again and freak out..

im wondering if i have a problem here or if it is just anxiety.. i thin it is just anxiety worrying sub conciously that im gonna have a heat stroke again but im not really sure, i had blood test done a few times now and x rays and all kinds of stuff. all my test came out fine.. its gonna get hot out again soon and i have a job out doors,

i was working in pehonix az drivign a delivery truck.. i took a position at night in a different state but when its gets warm out and humid it bothers me, its really humid here and even at 70 degreeze and humid i freak out a little bit, and its gonna get warmer than that soon. im worried im gonna have problems and be out of a job if i keep freaking out every time i get hot,

any ideas or any one every had this problem..
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