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With my friends I've known for a long time, I seem to have minimal problems when it comes to SA. But one thing that really holds me back is my ability to MAKE FRIENDS IN THE FIRST PLACE! When I do meet new people I'm often paranoid of how I'm coming across, if I'm doing things right or behaving in some inappropriate way without even knowing it.

Alot of it I think has to do with a lack of knowledge and experience. You see, when I was younger I never really had to make my own friends. Most of my friends even today are people who I've known since longer than I can remember or initiated our relationship (usually both). I think with was both a cause of and a result of my "shyness" as a kid.

Now when I think of how to meet people I feel quite clueless. How do I even do it? where do I do it? what do I say? Is it inappropriate to say this thing or that thing or talk to a stranger in this or that scenario? How do I move forward without seeming clingy or weird? When even thinking of making new friends I just feel like a fish out of water.

I'm currently in University and living alone off residence. In lectures you can't talk to anyone, on campus people are usually studying or with their friends (how they met them I'd like to know) or in situations where I feel like it would be rude to talk to them. Even if they weren't what would I say? I don't know...
I'm going to end here cause this thread appears to be turning into a long winded rant

So has anyone else here had this problem? What advice do you have? How have to overcome (even if only partially) this obstacle?

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