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A Lifesaver - eventually
Shared by Kelly401 on Aug 20th, 2009
Social Anxiety Background
Social Anxiety runs in our family also avoidance disorder. Her anxiety was recognized at an early age and treatment began in elementary school. Treated somewhat with Celexa. When she started high school all heck broke loose. Two years on various SSRI's, abilify, lamictal, SNRI's, add meds, and psychotherapy. Finally Pristiq worked. She told her doc she was a 2 and now she feels like a 9. I only hope it lasts.
Other Treatments
Buspar 30mg (helps)
Lamictal 200mg (neutral but she doesn't want rock the boat by getting off it. She feels so much better she won't let us change anything)
Nuvigil 100mg for add (helps a little)
Treatment Experience
My daughter has severe social anxiety bordering on avoidance disorder, comorbid depression, and ADD. After two years on various meds suddenly a miracle drug - Pristiq. At first things were rough with increased anxiety and depression but during the 8th week the clouds lifted. My daughter is now happy and social. She even has invited friends over and talks ocassionally on the phone (never thought that would happen!) it is one of those meds you just have to give a longer chance. Side effects: decreased appetite, mild insomnia, headache if dose is skipped. We love Pristiq!
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