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A lot of what I have to talk about goes along with this video.

A line he used really struck me. "Opportunity does not knock on your door, you knock on its door." I think this really applies to what a majority of people struggle with in terms of SA. We all know what we want to be, what we want to achieve,and what we want out of life. But until we actually do something to work towards those goals we really can't expect much to happen to us. It's really that simple. You may end up working really hard to achieve those goals and ultimately you may never achieve them. But until you end until you start knocking down down doors you can be assured nothing will change.

Another thing he mentioned was usefulness. What ever you decide to do in life; your value as a human being, is measured by how useful you are. Waiting, wishing for something to happen to you is not useful. Work towards something. Even if it's something small, like talking to a new person or hanging out with people. It's gotta be something to help you improve at a constant rate or you'll never achieve success.

Think of yourself hiking up a mountain. Getting to the top wont be easy. You knew that before you started to climb it. When you get mid way it might be easy to stop and turn back around. However by doing that your not actually accomplishing "anything". If you decide to climb the whole way you'll make it to the top, enjoy the nice view, and realize the rest of the journey back down will be easier now. This approach can often be used with life. Put in enough effort and the rewards will seek you. If your putting in the effort but not seeing any results ; maybe it's time to re evaluate what your doing.

One last thing I wanted to mention goes along with everything else. Prepare yourself for success and not failure. It seems almost like an oxymoron. Why bother trying in the first place if your predicting yourself to fail? Instead focus on what you'll do If you succeed. If you do get that job or you do get that girl. Whatever it is, work hard enough to not make failure an option.

TLDR: Just watch the video.
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