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I got this workbook from my friend Keith that lives in Canada. It is a workbook where you answer 109 questions and you score them. According to your score it tells you what part of the brain you seem to have " problems" with. I scored high on the Prefrontal Cortex. Some of the conditions that are affected by the PFC are ADHD ( which I have) Brain Trauma, Schizophrenia, conduct disorders, Depression ( I have) Dementia, Antisocial Personality ( I have) and Borderline Personality ( I have.) I scored even higher in the Temporal Lobes. Some conditions associated with the TL are: head injury, anxiety ( I have) amnesia, dsylexia ( I somewhat have) Religiosity, Dissociation ( I have A LOT ) temporal epilepsy, serious depression ( I have) and dark or suicidal thoughts ( I have sometimes)

The name of the workbook which comes with a dvd is Amen Clinics,Inc
Magnificent Mind at any age.

I also learned I am type 6 ADHD which is ring of fire.
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