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Well I done it. I filled out a profile on yahoo personals a couple of years ago and I finally had the balls to post a pic on that site this week. It's not that I am ashamed of my looks (although sometimes I wished I looked like one of those male models you see on TV) but it was because I didn't want anybody who knew me to see that I posted a profile on yahoo. I didn't want people to think I'm desperate or something. Now I have the attitude that I don't care if people who know me see it. The reality is that the internet is the only way I am going to find someone to date since I live in a small town and everybody is married with kids.

I already got a couple of Icebreaker messages, so, if you want any traffic you need to post a picture I guess.

The next dillema I have will be do I actually pay to be a member? Those icebreakers will only go so far.
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