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I don't know how ''favorite'' this video is to me, but he rocks. I think he's a must read/watch for all people. I don't agree with him on everything and some things are out of his field of interest such as feminism and so on, but in more general things he's the best. I mean in his case it's either a miss or a 100% good shot and mostly it's the latter.

pls don't eat bats, thnx
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^ I dont agree with all he says but I think he is a fascinating individual and I like listening to what he has to say.

although it doesn't say it in the title or thumbnail, this covers the permian great dying, nice and concise and good to refer back to, (if I can remember!).
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Turn on the captions if you watch it because some of them are entertaining like the Chopin parts.

Then I watched this because the above video reminded me I'd had this open in a tab for like... Probably since it was uploaded lol:

"Socrates and all of the lads"

"Sonic the hedgehog people"

This video is actually fairly depressing because this is just my constant reality the pandemic is irrelevant and I can't create anything because I've struggled with that for most of my life and basically stopped entirely a few years ago. The antonymous drive for destruction is what you're left with in the end.

Lucy's bitten,
Neck is bleeding bad.
The teeth have long departed,
Yet the desire burns strong.

On in desire for destruction,
One on which she'll depend.
One that ceases to deepen,
Too near bitter end.

(coincidentally I just remembered at the beginning of the video Philosophy Tube mentioned he was supposed to play Dracula in a play lol. This song is written partly based on a character from Dracula - Lucy, but also a reference to a previous song Patrick wrote and inspired by someone he knew for a long time who died and had issues with addiction. I think the other Lucy in Bluebells wasn't really about the same person, though he described it as sort of a sequel anyway.)

The death instinct would thus seem to express itself --- though probably in part --- as an instinct of destruction directed against the external world and other organisms.
If one is prepared to overlook a little inexactitude, it may be said that the death instinct which is operative in the organism --- primal sadism --- is identical with masochism.
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