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Hi All,

I've been in a slump for the past few days, and I decided one of the things I'd do to pull myself out is put down some things I like about myself...namely, 5 things. This will give you a chance to not only let you get to know me a little bit, but I also want you to try and do the same thing. If you can't think of anything to write, just come back when you can. They can be simple things, too. So here I go.

1. I'm extremely intelligent. I won scholarships in high school for my mathematics and physics grades, and was a top science student at my college before transferring into philosophy at university. In university, I earned a 3.9 GPA and earned high praise from all my professors for my essay writing and innovative ideas...not just in philosophy, but also sociology and English literature.

2. I like my eyes. They're a pale blue, and I have a steady, warm gaze.

3. I'm great with kids. My good friend has a four-year old daughter, who never stops playing with me when I'm at their place. My cousin has a 6-year old daughter and a 4-year old son; last time I was at their place, the kids played with me a half-hour before I left and they didn't want me to leave. I volunteered to help out with an autistic boy at a program: I spent an hour-and-a-half playing with him and about 5 other boys. I even earned a new nick-name...Bowser! I was pretending to be the bad guy from Super Mario. :]

4. I'm very good at explaining complicated issues. I work as a tutor, and am able to explain the logic behind complicated concepts to my students. I've also helped many of my friends with problems in their lives by being logical and thoughtful.

5. I'm a very kind-hearted person. I volunteer my time helping people with disabilities, and want to make solving people's problems my life's work. I'm not sure exactly what type of work that will be, as long as it involves me working with people to make their lives better.

These are five things I like about myself...and having put them down, I feel all the better for it. It's an empowering experience to see an objective measure of your self-worth. So give it a try!


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1. I got a decent GPA and graduated high school
2. my family is supportive aren't aren't leaving me on my own even though the can now
3. I haven't had any major catastrophes happen to me
4. I have incredible self control compared to other people I have seen
5. I don't have any sworn enemies

damn, it was hard to come up with something

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1. My taste in music
2. I'm a good listener
3. I have a good sense of humor

I'll come back and finish this hopefully, this is hard.

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1. I play a mean banjo. I get a lot of weird looks for that, but I'm proud of my banjo playing. I consider myself a talented musician in general.

2. I have a fairly high metabolism, so I can eat large quantities of unhealthy foods and I don't really gain any weight. I can seriously eat more than most people that I know.

3. I can keep a secret better than anyone I know.

4. My eyes are grey-ish, which I think is kind of cool. I don't know why.

5. I'm quick-witted, and I have a unique sense of humor. I can usually make anyone laugh, though this ability doesn't carry over to the internet.

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1. Some people tell me I write well...I disagree, but the fact that they think this is a "good thing" nonetheless.

2. Some people tell me I am funny - I think that this is very much hit-and-miss, but whatever.

3. I generally have a good talent for making things up which sound plausible and intelligent, but actually aren't. This talent has got me both exam grades and university offers, even an offer of a grant.

4. I have absolutely no interest in fashion, cosmetics or celebrity culture. This is something I like very much about myself, because it is a very rare trait in westernised humans, and I find it quite deplorable.

5. I can be dryly cynical and detached even when subject to great suffering - this annoys many people, but it makes me feel better.

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1. I have a good sense of humor
2. I'm relatively smart. I take lots of AP classes at my school.
3. I'm determined. When I really want to accomplish something, I find a way to make it happen.
4. I am generally a nice person, and would never delibrately hurt anyone.
5. I got my braces off a few months ago, and now really like my smile. Also, if you met me you would notice that I smile almost all the time. I like being happy.

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  1. I'm very compassionate - I'm always concerned with the well being of others.
  2. I'm great with numbers - I'm GREAT with budgets.
  3. I'm very open minded - I always put myself in the other person's shoes, I'm open to new ideas, etc.
  4. I'm a great baker - I LOVEEEEEE baking and people seem to love my cakes, and cookies :)
  5. I'm a very genuine person - you will always know exactly how I feel about you but I will always be tactful about it, I don't pretend to be someone I'm not to please anyone. I may only show certain facets of myself because of my shyness but you will never find me faking anything.

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1. People say I write well, and I take advantage of it.
2. I have kind of a bubbly personality, I keep jumping and hugging when I'm around friends.
3. I'm really good at languages.
4. I have a sense of style and makeup.
5. I have absolutely amazing legs. Thank god.

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1. I'm kind to all God's little creatures.
2. I always keep my word.
3. I have all my own hair, and most of my own teeth.
4. I will forgive almost anything of those I care about.
5. I'm fairly low maintenance.
6. I'm really good at counting and maths and stuff.

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Nice idea Templar!

1. I am always willing to help my friends
2. I have a nice writing style
3. I'm determined - I always go through with things even when they are hard or scary
4. I'm intelligent enough to have completed a degree
5. I am caring

aaaawww I feel good now! Thanks :)

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Yeah this is a good idea - it gives you a break from always thinking of what you CAN'T do! :)

1. I love learning, and can do well in school, aside from SA issues.
2. I can draw and paint almost well enough for what I want to do, though still have a ways to go.
3. I can sort of play piano, at least enough that I can enjoy doing it.
4. I'm curious about everything. Even if it does make me spread myself too thin.
5. I'm still alive.

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1. My eyes are really pretty
2. I am a very talented musician
3. I have a natural way with children
4. I have a job I love
5. I am winning the fight against SAD!!!!!!

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1. I have a pretty good sense of humor

2. I like my wild, curly hair - it's unique, though people often think it's permed. I like how, when I let it air-dry, it forms perfect banana curls all over my head... of course that's lead to me being nicknamed "Shirley Temple."

3. I think I'm a decent artist

4. I'm very original, and far from being boring... in a good way (I hope! :lol)

5. I'm very compassionate, well-mannered, loving, loyal, honest and trustworthy.
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