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If life were a game, how would you win? What would the objective be?

I'm gonna go ahead and answer that... The most we can hope for in life is happiness.

That being said, how do we become happy?

In order for us to be happy, all that matters is...

Well, I haven't figured that out exactly. But I have an idea that it has to do with us not wanting anything. Happiness should come from ourselves, from the opportunity to experience life, from the chance to deal with challenges. It also would have to do with not caring; not caring and not judging. That includes not judging ourselves. To not want approval from anyone, to not do anything for any reason other than to stimulate or challenge ourselves.

The bolded text are the questions I think are definitely involved in finding true happiness.

Hopefully this calms you down, if you are feeling frustrated with life. Remember, it doesn't matter. You aren't missing out on anything. Do what you want to do just for the sake of doing it.
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