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First of all, can narcolepsy cause social anxiety? Second of all, does this seem like narcolepsy to you? I get extremely tired during class at school. Some days I don't get it, but most school days I will fall asleep in multiple classes, multiple times. Once, I fell asleep 8 times in one 45 minute period. Once I start to fall asleep, it is nearly impossible to stop myself. I could be sitting there, saying in my mind that I wouldn't fall asleep, but I eventually just do. Its physically impossible to resist it. This has been a problem since last year, where I fell asleep in math class every day except for 6 classes out of the whole year. I have tried getting up to 10 hours of sleep (tried it for a week), but it doesn't help, so I just get 7 hours (since there is no difference between 7 and 10). I used to drink coffee every-morning, but I don't anymore. Once I stopped, I went for a full week without falling asleep in school. A month later, im back to my old games again. I kinda just accepted that this is who I am until a surprising new symptom showed up yesterday. According to two classmates, I fell asleep twice on a field trip, while standing up, without realizing it at all. I don't usually wake up during the night, or remember my dreams. I don't lose muscle control due to emotions, and I have never had any waking up paralysis episodes or anything like that. I have heard that sometimes narcoleptics can experience daytime sleepiness for years before other symptoms show up.
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