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positive self image

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I have SA. I get extremely tense and nervous in social situations for no apparent reason. The only thing is, I don't think I have a negative self image. I never catch myself saying that I can't do anything, or that im stupid, or that im awkward or anything like that. So what now? I've heard that for some therapies, you are supposed to develop an automatic positive reaction to any negative thoughts. The thing is, I don't have these thoughts. Just the fear. Anyone else experience this or have any more information? Could this mean that I just have hyperthyroidism or something like that? The social anxiety has only made me depressed once or twice (for a few hours).
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I agree with roverred. I think we slip into roles we're used to playing when faced with certain challenges. It seems to happen with no conscious thought. For me to understand what's going on I have to analyze the situation and infer what my behavior must mean. I get very few direct hints like telling myself I'm lazy or stupid.
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