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positive self image

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I have SA. I get extremely tense and nervous in social situations for no apparent reason. The only thing is, I don't think I have a negative self image. I never catch myself saying that I can't do anything, or that im stupid, or that im awkward or anything like that. So what now? I've heard that for some therapies, you are supposed to develop an automatic positive reaction to any negative thoughts. The thing is, I don't have these thoughts. Just the fear. Anyone else experience this or have any more information? Could this mean that I just have hyperthyroidism or something like that? The social anxiety has only made me depressed once or twice (for a few hours).
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Anxiety can be physiological, wouldn't be a bad idea to check it out.
The thoughts can be so fast and habitual through your head you might not even notice them or you might no register these thoughts as "negative." For me if I enter similar situations compared to my past I can trigger past emotions from a unpleasant time and barely have any coherent thoughts. You can also have anxiety from anticipating anxiety. It's a lot things. Do you bash yourself after having anxiety? Are you assuming their thoughts or trying to be somebody you are not. Analyze yourself and find your insecurities and fears and see how it might trigger your fear in certain situations. The hard part is usually finding negative thoughts.
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