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There is one single experience in my life which I would credit a lot of how I deal with people to. I want to tell you about because if you haven't heard it before, maybe it'll impact you the way it did me.

One day in 5th grade I think, a speaker came to our class to talk about socializing basically. There are 2 things I took away from her visit that I still use now almost 10 years later. One of those things was looking at someone's nose or between their eyebrows if I was uncomfortable looking them in the eye. The most important thing though....

She told us about a man who committed suicide. He wrote a note to his therapist that said he planned not to if someone smiled at him while he walked down the street. Is it true that someone would do that simply because no one smiled at them? I don't know. But it sucks to know how plausible it is...that not ONE PERSON would smile or say hello. That's really not outside the realm of reality.

She told us that sometimes that's all it takes to make a person in pain change their mind. And from that day on I smiled at everyone. I can honestly say that even on days I don't want to be anywhere else but my bed, I will still smile at every person who's eyes meet mine. It started as an experiment: "Can I really smile at EVERYONE!?" It's out of habit now.

So what's the positive thought? That when you smile, you might be doing a lot more than what you think. :yes
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