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  • I'am stronge and Healthy today
  • I'am at peace today
  • I refuse to be Anxious and worry over anything today
  • I will meet up with my daily activities
  • But, if could not do all my daily activities today, there is always another day.
  • So I have no reason to worry because worrying about a situation does not provide solution.
  • I' am reaching out for new opportunities
  • I release myself
  • I release others who might have misunderstood me in the time past
  • I'am sound and loving
  • I recieve the courage to face the challenges of life
  • I recieve the power to stop all avoidance of things, and people
  • I will not shy away from my responisibilities
  • I'am setting up my goals and i'am towards archieving them this year
  • But, i donot need to be anxious
  • I will not compare myself to others because i'am different
  • I refuse to procrastinate about my daily task
  • I accept today as a gift from God
  • I will not misuse it by limiting myself.
  • I have inner strenght in the inside of me
  • I may not know it until i step out
  • I can do all things through christ that strengthens me
  • Help me God to live a clean and decent lifestyle today "Amen"

Thanks from Chucks
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