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  • I'am so greatful to God today.
  • There is no limit in my Life
  • God has not place limit on me
  • So nothing, not even fear can limit me.
  • Good things will come my way today
  • I'am lifted out from shame and reproach
  • I will arise and shine
  • My season to step out of bondage has come
  • The bondage of fear, depression, guilty have no power over me
  • I'am stronge and Healthy.
  • My body system to going back to function in it's normal state
  • I will not be afraid to reach out to new friends and opportunities
  • I'am bless and favored today
  • Today is my day of celebration
  • I recieve the peace that cometh from above
  • I recieve the peace that passeth all understand
  • My emotion will not control me
  • I will control my emotion
  • I'am stronge and healthy
  • Help me God to leave a clean and a decent Lifestyle Today

Thanks from Max

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I really admire your positivity.

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Maxozeums workin on it :boogie well done dude, keep it up :)
after reading your posts I tried a simple affirmation while out walking.
Don't know if it worked, but affirmations are ongoing thing.
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