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  • Today is a new day
  • Today is a gift given to me by God
  • I'am handsome
  • I'am unique
  • I'am Stronge and healthy
  • I will take charge of my Life
  • I will take Charge of my Decision
  • I'am Free to express my emotion
  • I'am intelligent
  • I will learn some new Today
  • I believe my Fear can not stop me
  • I recieve the power to express my emotion
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I' will be responsible for the decision that i will make today
  • I'am Free
  • I free of guilt and I'am free of shame
  • I have no reason to be guilty
  • I deserve to be happy
  • There is nothing I can not do
  • I will control my emotion
  • My emotion will not control me
  • Help me God to live a clean and Healthy lifestyle today.

"Confession is creation" When you are confessing positively you are simply re-creating your world positively.

Note : Practice saying this with me before you leave your home in the morning and before you go to bed in the evening.

Thanks from Max

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Hey Max you've created a very encouraging and optimistic list. :)
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