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Police Officers

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Just wondering if anyone here is a police officer...I know it's not a very common occupation for someone with SA, but there's probably a few of them.

My grandfather is insisting that I take the State Police exam, but I really don't think I'm up for it, although it's not until early spring. I'm worried about the physical exam (I'm 6'4" and only 170lbs), about the psychological exam (obviously) and I'm worried about the polygraph (I've done a few illegals in my time).

He's not saying I have to the Academy or anything, he just wants me to take the exam "to keep my options open". Any input would be appreciated.
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OneIsALonelyNumber said:
As for the polygraph, you should probably admit that stuff upfront so you don't have to worry about it. If it's too late for that, would you believe that the accuracy rating for lie detectors is in the 50-70% range? I had a couple of different college textbooks that mentioned that. Hollywood sure makes us think it's 100%.
That's crazy! Only 50-70%? Hollywood does make us think it's 100%. I remember watching something like SUV: Law & Order or CSI and they were saying "get a polygraph on them to prove it". I wonder how a polygraph test would affect someone with anxiety. Even when I didn't do anything wrong... just being accused my anxiety sky rockets and I practically feel guilty.
lol Oh man.

There was a theft at our store and my boss thinks it's someone who works there. And there's only a few of us. So she was threatening to make us take polygraph tests if someone didn't come forward. I don't know if she could make us do that... like say... "take the test or loose your job". It hasn't come up lately, so I guess it was just an empty threat. But I was in a state of anxiety for weeks over that! I'm going in my head, "I don't steal! But what if the polygraph test is wrong and then everyone thinks I did it? What if I don't do the test and everyone thinks I am guilty cause I wont do it?"
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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