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Even though this is “anonymous”, I still get anxious posting stuff like this (did I write that? why did I put it THAT way? rrrrggggh!)

In the Bearing Down

In the bearing down,
I will reach for you in still waters,
My fingertips for a moment weightless,
On the clear, calm surface,

You are smiling, shimmering,
As dark hair flows about your face,
Then gauzy curtains intervene,
To make you shapeless, indistinct,

What did our poor words fall into,
Running from our mouths and down,
To sit in tidal pools,
Slowly warming in noonday sun,

What thoughts we had,
Swimming in faded blue,
Where boundaries blur,
At the slightest provocation,

I have seen you on the sand,
Looking seaward to remote shores,
At distances I can fathom,
Only in the crush of my dreams,

I have seen you in green fields,
Where wind rolls over grass waves,
Tossed pale green under sharp blue skies--

All we know is held in vast sea chambers,
Where steady currents crawl among,
Sun-lit shafts and dark green seaweed.
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