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PM Spammers

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We have recently had a few spammers sending links to online pharmacies through PMs. Please report these so that we can prevent them from spamming the board.
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"FreeDriverFor" is most likely a spammer. His single post seems to be a link to somewhere that I'm hesitant to even click on.
Yep, he is indeed a spammer, and I checked him out in the spammer database (I'm a moderator elsewhere and use that tool extensively) . I sent a PM to Drew about him. As far as the PM spammers go, one way to minimise it would be to limit PM access until they've had a minimum number of posts.
Whats that mean........?
The forum software is called vBulletin, it's pretty popular and there are a lot of 3rd party mods out there for it - sort of like plug-ins, that give it additional functions beyond what it can do out of the box. :)
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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