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PM Spammers

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We have recently had a few spammers sending links to online pharmacies through PMs. Please report these so that we can prevent them from spamming the board.
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Yep, he is indeed a spammer, and I checked him out in the spammer database (I'm a moderator elsewhere and use that tool extensively) . I sent a PM to Drew about him. As far as the PM spammers go, one way to minimise it would be to limit PM access until they've had a minimum number of posts.
As I said in my reply to you, thank you for your PM.

I've enabled the database on SAS using a vBulletin mod.

Hopefully it'll stop most of these guys. I'd rather not go the minimum post route.
Thanks for letting us know. His posts have been deleted and he has been banned.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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