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Please pray for my husband..

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I really am in need of the power of prayer right now.

My husband had testicle cancer in 2003. Had intensive chemo for 12 weeks, and now check ups every 8 months to 1 year. Our time for a check up is in 2 weeks, but we need to go sooner like tommorow, the 28th April. Few days ago, we got in panic mode, he doesnt feel completely right in the tummy, and feels tenderness in that area. The life just drained right out of the both of us. We were taken straight back in a flash. I nearly collapsed with fear, and he was in a dripping sweat with fear. He has been doing alot of digging in the garden and I pray that what he feels is muscle soreness from that. I pray that we are wrong in what we are fearing. This feeling of doom is so so dark. I might have to take a xanax to get through the doctors visit. I can hardly breathe in there.

Please pray for us.

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I really appreciate that all of you put Trevor and myself in your prayers. Every thing went fine at the doctors. Our fears escalated his symptoms. When you're worried about a pain, it can magnify, we become super sensitive to any twinge in the body. When the oncologist says its ok, you're just feeling globby fat on your tummy, and yes, you are feeling tender from digging dirt. All his heightened awareness dimmed.
We can really work ourselves in a state sometimes, but that is not to say we can ignore things like this. Men listen up here, this testicle cancer is of the younger age group 20-40 yrs. Just a dull ache in the groin, something that comes and goes and you probably will ignore. My husband nearly did. Sorry I'm getting on a soapbox here. The survival of this is 85%, I like our chances. After august this year, chances of this rearing its uglyhead is practically nil.
Thanks for your prayers.

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