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Please join me and help build a new biking community.

This network is some what of a spin off from my website Southern Indiana Trails but is solely devoted to mountain biking.

I've tried to incorperate some different things like music, video, rss, articles.
It would really be great to have some secondary input on mountain biking.
I have not been real active in the game for a good two years now and I'm
Trying to get back to my roots.

The Ning site is pretty cool, it's a build you own social network type site.
Along the lines of myspace or facebook yet has more potential to bring people together
to support a common interest. I like it for the educational potential it has.

you can share your vids, share your photos, promote your own site or network.
It really is just an expantion of collective information and your input is what I consider
the greates collective info. feel free to share your experience even if you don't reside in southern Indiana

Thanks everyone, hope to see you there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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