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the sound of serenity never cured my insomnia,
because i was too worried about when the song would end.

i always seem to be on the wrong side of the road
like jay walkers on a freeway.

i am stubborn, just ask my astrologist,
also ask her if she knows where i lost my car keys.

i drank the last of the milk,
and put the empty container back in the fridge for your attention.

i carry around a bottle of tylenol pm,
and a pack of condoms in my backpack incase i get lonely.

i chew the condoms like bubble gum,
and shove the pills down my tar black throat, it's just easier that way.

i was born under a neon sign that flashed: no vacancy.
johnny depp will not play me in my autobiographical movie.

life sometimes feels like a pinwheel with no wind,
and as much as i run around with it in my hand, nothing happens.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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