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I forgot to mention the other day that I had to go down the block from my work to pick up a small cake for the coworkers in the office. I was asked to do it and I said I would yet I was kind of scared. I looked up the directions on that satellite thing i posted in the just for fun section so i could see where to walk. Anyway, it was a restaurant not big and not too fancy and told them I had a cake to pick up. So they went and got it and I paid for it. The man was curtious. Anyway, once I started walking down to get it, the fear slowly diminished. And So I was a little nervous yet not petrified. Also another day I had to go down and put some stuff in my boss's car and I wasn't all that anxious and was able to find it.

Little by little I am over coming these fears of mine. I have to say it takes alot of desensitizing yourself but with enough exposure to it it DOES get better. The SA may not completely be gone but it is bearable and can be handled. That's what this job has done is helped me overcome a lot of certain things I have to do.
Studies are correct when they say exposure to things you fear will get you over a lot of it and it will with time and gradually.It has taken a lot of stress and challenges but I think I am over a lot of the work anxieties I had. I sometimes go downstairs to make a delivery and go make a payment to management of the building.
So have hope because for once I am finally understanding what getting better means.
Yes, I will have a lot of challenges ahead to face and fears I have not yet conquered but in the end I have hope that it is well worth the struggle if I get results.

Don't give up!

lol (You can tell I'm in a positive mood) ;)
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