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Does anyone know much about Photobucket? The problems I've been having today with it, it's unusable the way it is and don't know what the problem is or how to fix it. Have contacted them 4 times, all I've got back was some form e-mail where they didn't even bother reading thru my whole e-mail to find out all my problems, contacted them twice more but really have no faith in them, here are the problems.:eek:

-Their ad now covers the last row of pics
-Cannot access all the sub albums because there's no scroll bar and clicking on view all albums does zero, link won't work.
-Cannot upload at all
-Cannot log in/out properly, have to go to the register page to log in, have to run Ccleaner to log out because the signin/out link doesn't work
-Recent albums are showing nothing along with no avatar

Anyone have a clue? Probably has something to do with the internet settings(?) but not sure, don't know what could it be there. Plus ran all their trouble shooting tips, did a system restore, re-installed Adobe and Java, all to no avail, just have no idea what to do, can't access 2/3 of my albums nor upload anything, am at such a loss on what the problems are.:no
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