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So, since there's so many of you, I imagine that some people here probably share one of my main traits. I feel like I can't talk about serious things to important people because I have this desire to say it all at once, in an instant, so that I can't be interrupted.

I found a neat website called that basically lets me do that. It lets you schedule when you want an email to be sent, so that you might time it at a point where you'll be talking to the recipient. People are less likely to try to interrupt written thoughts, or so that has been my experience.

For those that aren't so tech-savvy. Signup only asks for your name, email, and password but it's not asking for your email address' password, so all things considered, just because it is a third party site, I wouldn't give that account there the same as your email password.

In any case, wish me luck because I just sent a miles-long letter to my brother with a ton of thoughts that I can't express. I sit up at night, like now and tell myself "I'll talk to him tomorrow" but then I can't do it. Maybe, with so much put out there like this, we'll be able to have a healthy conversation. He's done so much for me, he deserves full honesty from me.

They even have a wicked feature that you can tick that makes it so you can't edit what you've sent, as if they've got people like me in mind. There would be an urge to delete it before its sent, and now, for better or worse, I can't.

I hope this goes well.
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