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Does anyone else fixate on peoples expressions as you talk to them? The barest glimmer of disinterest in another person really sends me off emotionally. It's so dumb, but I have trouble not overreacting.

I find that at the core of my SA is this statement, "No one cares what you have to say." And so, whenever I see anyone looking bored when I speak to them it's excruciating.

I wonder sometimes if that boredom doesn't have more to do with how I say things than what I say. I need to try to focus on making eye contact with people, speaking in engaging way that says subliminally, "You should really be interested in what I have to say."

Sometimes to help myself with this, I think something like "I am this persons best friend." Or I'll resolve to speak to someone as if they were a really good friend of mine. It's still really, really hard to keep this kind of attitude up though!

Does anyone else have strategies...mental mantras or other tricks that help them communicate more easily?
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