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I haven't really thought about SA for quie a while. I'm doing quite well, making phone calls sometimes, feeling more confident - but really it's only because I've arranged my life in a way that I don't really need to do anything to avoid situations that are going to make me anxious. My girlfriend had a friend over just now and my problems are:

1) I get extreme anxiety when a stranger is invited into my home by someone else - I got this when I was living with my parents and a certain relative came to visit quite often. Now my girlfriends friend is causing this, so I could only stay in our room while she was here. I get crazy fear when there is the possibility of having to face someone who has been invited in by someone else and who I don't know very well. I feel like I can't escape and like my home is being invaded. Its startling for me to feel this level of anxiety now.

2) I suddenly feel jealous that she can talk to her friend so easily, even though I know shes been trying quite hard lately to make friends and has few.

I'm not sure how to deal with this - its not gonna happen that often so its not too bad, and I can just stay in our room untill they leave. I'm just worried about feeling such strong anxiety when I haven't had much for quite a while. Its got me thinking in a really negative way which sucks.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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