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Paxil + BP = Character?

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I have been on Paxil for 6 months now. I went from being introverted, quiet and " keep to myself" type of person to a person that has character and flair. I have about 5% of anxiety about what other people think of me. Add that with me being bipolar and I am something else. It makes me wonder if my SA was hiding my bipolar. I don't think I am doing anything " wrong" per say but I am sure people would now describe me as a person with flair. Before I was quiet and boring. An example of my new personality is I put a small stuffed pink gorilla on my desk at work with a sticky note on him that said " Hi, My name is Bamboozie" He has a graduate hat on and a diploma under his arm. I would of never done something like that before Paxil. So I wonder is this really me???
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I should add that my manager at work has commented on how I have changed over the past 6 months. I am more vocal and have more opinions.
Thank you Kurt! :)
You guys I really don't think I am manic. I think I just have a lot of character. I am more creative now. But I don't have many manic side effects.
I am just not boring anymore. lol
sounds good miss may. Its fun to have flair and express your true self. Im proud of you! I'm so happy for you! Also, if your on a mood stabilizer, then you should be fine. A mood stabilizer really makes all the difference.
keep livin it up missmay, ill soon too
Thank you! :D I am on a very high dose of a mood stabilizer. I take a nice cocktail of meds like some of the others.
I'm on Paxil too. I find that it dulls my emotions. In the past I would easily get nervous, than get depressed and freak out in social situations. This is why I couldn't hold a job for more than a few weeks. My life is much better on it, but it's far from a miracle drug. I'm still pretty much a loner with real bad social skills. At least I can make a living now and won't end up a hobo lol , but I still doubt I'll ever get married or have a steady GF.
Not with that negative attitude sir! You have to think positive and not negative. You become what you think about!
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