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I have had minor anxiety for a few years now, but recently it turned into GAD as I developed some feelings of paranoia...I have various paranoid thoughts, but after I have them I always, always realize how illogical it was to even think of them.

I was prescribed 10 mg of Lexapro just yesterday. My mother suffered from anxiety too, and she has been taking this for years...I'm only 2 days in so I haven't really noticed much yet.

Still, has anyone else had such paranoid thoughts along with their anxiety? I often think that everyone knew something was wrong with me and they were just waiting to get me to admit it. I especially thought this after I talked with my mother about my brother's depression, to which she said "We have to wait for him to decide he wants to take medication, we can't push it upon him." and now I'm wondering if they all knew about me in the same way. My mother also said she wouldn't tell my siblings about my anxiety or anything, and yet she was the one who told me about my brother's depression when it started a few years ago....all trust lost right there, I already assume my brothers know.

It's just thoughts like this that go on and on, and when I'm in public it can get even worse as I think about how people might be judging me. I mean, the logical half of myself knows: "People don't pay that much attention to you!" and yet my emotional half doesn't listen.
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