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Hey, everybody!

I am diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome that causes social anxiety. It is very strange. I am a senior in university, and I am in SGA; however, I have zero in-depth relationships with people except for one person. Everything is superficial. I can eat lunch at people's tables at lunch and chill and chat at campus activities, but when it comes to getting intimate relationships with others, I simply don't connect the dots. The same thing happens with girlfriends. I never get beyond the basics. I also, you know, have Asperger's symptoms that make it difficult to interpret people's emotions, etc. I can approach people and have little anxiety at a superficial level but at the intimate level, I have issues opening up. I am involved in an array of campus activities, however, and no one knows that I have Asperger's except for my therapist and psychiatrist.

In addition, this aggravates my ADHD-PI that is prevalent in my life and affects my schoolwork and daily life.

I am also diagnosed with Bipolar Depression. This seems to be stabilized by my medication right now; however, I had manic and depressive moods in the past.

I completed a 28-day impatient rehabilitation program for my psychiatric disorders. I was in a very depressed state not quite suicidal, had no job, felt like I was going nowhere in life, felt I had no basic living skills since I still lived with my parents at 22 and it was summer time. The idea of rehab during summer as a "vacation" was thrown out there. It is a very nice center out of state, costly, but my insurance and my parent's money covered the $23,761 bill (just showing how outrageous healthcare is lol; insurance paid most of this).

I found this awesome forum researching my medication regiment which I'm interested in. I want y'all's opinion on the changes made.

The regiment I came in with that was completely discontinued. I went medication free for 9 days kinda sorta:

Previous Regiment:

Klonopin 1mg. X 3
Adderall IR 20mg. X 3
Nuvigil 250mg.
Brintellix 20mg.
Topamax 100mg. X 2

Basically, as you can see, this regiment is full of controlled substances which they did not want to prescribe to me. I didn't abuse the medication however. I felt like this regiment was perfect. The Klonopin killed my anxiety, the Adderall helped my ADHD, the Nuvigil helped my sloth, the Brintellix made me less depressed and the Topamax helped my mood stablization.

^^ I really liked this regiment; however, the new regiment is also very good.

The new regiment is more focused on my depression and less on my ADHD. Ultimately, if I had to pick between the two regiments-- I would pick my current one, but I miss the quick punch of Klonopin and Adderall-- that's all.

The new regiment is tailored made by three different psychiatrists. I had a medication session every three days and each doctor shared their notes. Every seven days, I met with all the doctors at one time. The goal was to get me on a solid regiment within 28 days that would work for me. They preferred to use older and proven medications.

The current, new regiment:

Latuda 40mg. QHS CF
Mirtazapine (Remeron) 45mg. QHS
Sertraline (Zoloft) 50mg. QD
Topiramate (Topamax) 50mg. TID [150mg.]
Bupropion (Wellbutrin) SR 150mg. TID [450mg.]
Gabapentin (Neurontin) 800mg. TID [2,400mg.]

I feel good, actually. But, this is a lot of medication? What are yalls' opinion on this regiment? Is it safe? Do you think it is more effective than the old regiment? Are the doctors quacks for prescribing all of this within 28 days? Are these good for SA? I just don't know. I don't know what to ask, really. :|

The Latuda is pretty good, I admit that was a great choice. 9/10

The Mirtazapine was originally for sleep, but my treatment team thought that the 45mg. dosage supposedly the dosage that works for depression would make me sleepy and maybe be less sedating somehow because it effects some receptors at higher doses that makes you less tired. It has made a slight change in my mood, it does give me a good night of sleep. 6/10

Zoloft might as well be a sugar pill. May be responsible for anorgasmia. Maybe there's something there. Not sure about it. 4/10

Topamax is one of my favorites. Gives me a good, stable mood with a little energy, weight loss and might lower anxiety. One of the key medicines. 9/10

Wellbutrin at first was stimulating. It was ADHD and depression and for Zoloft anorgasmia. We maxed the dosage, supposedly safe with Topamax on board and I notice I dip chewing tobacco less and I think it's positive and not negative but not spectacular. 6.9/10

Neurontin at first was just as good as Klonopin if not better but I got used to it so fast. Then I thought it did nothing. I didn't take it for a few days and those few days were anxiety ridden and then I realized I didn't take my Neurontin those two days (out of town forgot them). They definitely mellow me down. Very subtle. Probably one of the best meds I take. Supposedly psych meds aren't supposed to be noticeable but are supposed to work. It does just that. 9/10

Latuda, Topamax, Neurontin are the ones that got 9/10. I wonder if I even need the antidepressants? Add back Adderall to that and I think it'd be perfect. I'm scared if I got off the antidepressants that I would slip into another depression.

Right now, I am the most stable, least depressed, most confident I have ever been in my life. I still have problems with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and SA, however that aren't normal, however-- but I think psychotherapy, the impatient experience, my motivation and the medication are really helping me out.

I'm just so bewildered about my medication regiment. I had to get a doctor in Louisiana to write the scripts today and he said it was a lot of medications and suggested reducing whenever possible but still wrote everything like it was, I dunno.

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

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