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My name is Tim. This is the first year I've actually put effort into challenging the way I handle SA. I made my first posts a while back. I had this big plan about visiting every part of the forum. It was a grand plan to establish relationships with other people. I had the equivalent of an online breakdown after making an embarrassing post and haven't been back since, until now. I've been trying to do the same thing out in my life as well. I've noticed some interesting things.

Thing 1 - Being outside of your comfort zone is very rewarding. It's scary as hell, but just by putting in the effort to go outside it, I feel like a brave explorer. I've had some good experiences and some goof ups, but I feel like there's a potential to change instead of just being stuck. So I make this post just to encourage you to give yourself the chance.

Thing 2 - I'm in college. I look around me all the time, and I see people that I imagine have it so much more together than I do. I see people talk to each other and I'm like "holy crap, these people are really protective too". It doesn't make it any easier at all, but it makes them seem a bit more human instead of just passers of judgement. This is a very interesting point to me because there is one guy in my cognition class who talks all the time. He says some of the goofiest crap, but a lot of us like him simply because we can see him as more than just a stranger. I think that's a big part of anxiety or just society. Seeming like strangers or people. Personally I have this theory that maybe why being vocal works for people is because when other people know enough about you. They can be attracted to your personality. Granted, not everyone will be, but it puts you out there as a person, making you more approachable. So far that's my best tip. I think you have to have already made some progress to even be at such a point so it only applies to anyone in a similar boat, and if it doesn't, that's totally fine.

So that's kind of the state of things for me, I'm going to slowly try to come back again. Those posts I made were pretty embarrassing, but everyone was very nice about it. So just like people were supportive of me, I want to be supportive of you. You're fine, and you can make it.
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