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I saw this question arise, and I’ve noticed this happen to myself. I’ve seen people on their road to changing themselves, people stuck at a rock bottom level, people who work on it constantly and fail but keep going and people who won’t even work.

The question about positivity in a negative world - how to be positive when the entire world around you is trying to bring you down.

How to be positive when you have nothing to be positive about in your life?

Well the thing is, just like it’s impossible to be completely objective in a matter, any matter, because your view on a certain issue will always be biased by your previous experience, say its politics, religion, morals, etc.. it applies the same way to how you see the world, its biased.

Biased by your previous experiences, (say its biased in a positive way, negative way or in between), what you see as a horrible hot day, someone else sees the opportunity to enjoy the sun. What you see as a horrible snow day someone else sees as "I love snow" even if the same objective reality is presented to you.

So say you’re a person who tends to be negative, and you see everything in a rather pessimistic way, you do notice when you’re being negative, but there’s always a reason for it. What you see as "objectively" or "realistically" could be seen as negative by someone else; what you see as "stupidly optimistic" could be someone else’s objective reality, a true fact for them.

Just keep in mind that as soon as something is presented to you your mind biases it, even this article as you and I read it is being biased by our minds.

Keeping that in mind, know that if you’re trying to become more positive, you’re facing 2 main issues: what you would consider "lying" to yourself with positivity and what would be ignoring "facts" that are presented to you by an already existing mindset.

In an almost matrix-like way, it looks so hard or impossible to make that switch in your mind just because you can’t see it. Literally you just can’t see something that is outside your reality – we’re not talking about magic here as in not seeing objects that are there, but rather your entire view of the situation in front of you, which is all interpreted by your mind.

Someone who’s stuck in the vicious circle of being negative will see every reason why they'll fail at something, so much that they won’t even try to avoid bruising their ego. Negativism feeds itself; the more negative thoughts you incur, the more this actually becomes what you see everywhere - it becomes your reality, you’ll call it realism. Same goes for positive loops.

Say someone positive finds out he’s wrong. He'll see it as something that rarely happens if his entire reality is positive. If someone who’s negative succeeds they’ll see it as something that rarely happens too, just the opposite of the previous. Again, both these people could be "blind" in one way or another as they are unable of seeing a real objective reality.

For each of those characters they could be equally wrong in their assumptions.

Be clear that this is not a matter of changing from negative to positive by finding convincing reasons for yourself to be positive, it’s a matter of choosing to be positive because it will benefit your life more. Both negative and positive views are biased; being aware of this, work towards the positivism goal.

In the beginning I felt like positivism was just lying to myself. Through the way I learned how it worked (after reading on psychology), this is what I found about it. Right now I’d say I’m more on the positive side of the spectrum and what I used to see as ridiculous positivism are now just facts to me.

I have my mind working for my benefit in terms of personal growth and happiness because I chose to be positive. I think being negative is just a cautious approach our mind will take thanks to previous bad experiences. An "ego-defence mechanism" negativism serves a purpose, protecting us in one way or another in the short term.

In the long term happiness in part comes from a positive outlook rather than from external events or situations in our lives. Choose being positive because in the long term it makes you a stronger person.

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Thanks for the thread. It was really helpful!

In the long term happiness in part comes from a positive outlook rather than from external events or situations in our lives. Choose being positive because in the long term it makes you a stronger person.
I completly agree with this quote. Your attitude about things affects your happiness WAY more than anything that actually happens to you.
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