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His age - my age or a little more. anything over 30 would feel like i'm in one of those power dynamic relationships.

Nationality - American/Canadian/European but mostly the first 2. In terms of race, probably white or black, MAYBE south asian if he fit everything I look for below.

Hair color and length - doesn't matter

Eye color - doesn't matter

Skin color - doesn't matter

Height? - tall

What kind of body type? - skinny or average i dont care, as long as he's not overweight.

Clothing style? - average

What kind of personality? - intelligent, thoughtful, open minded, making you his own personal project in terms of bettering you, someone who prefers to spend all his time with you (i'm clingier than i thought..), dominant and an alpha male but not the douchey kind. makes me laugh in a non corny way, is affectionate and loves cuddling :roll

Is he virgin? - i don't know about this one tbh. i'd want him to be experienced, but i'd feel jealous if he'd been with other girls so idk.

Does he want a lot of sex? - yes >:) and he has to already be kinky in the way that i want him to be bc i'd be too embarrassed to bring it up

Does he have a lot of friends? - no

Does he have social anxiety? - no

Does he have any other mental illnesses? - hopefully not, i don't think we'd get along then.

His religion - atheist

Does he smoke, drink or use drugs? - no cigarettes or hard drugs, or alcohol

Does he have any hobbies? - travel, dining, pets, driving, cooking, exercise, architecture, sex, reflecting on life with me, bringing out the best in me and overall just helping me break out of my shell.

Anything else what you would like to mention about your ideal BF? - he'd have to be introverted like me, love sitting at the beach for hours or going sightseeing with just me, genuinely like spending time with me, care about helping others, and also i'm pretty sure i'd be a jealous person so i wouldn't want him to have wandering eyes LOL. also kind of being like a father and teaching me and protecting me (ive never had a good father figure so i subconsciously look for those qualities in men). and sharing my views on mostly everything but also teaching me and being receptive to my own ideas too.

Your age: 22

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His age - 18-...30? my golden limit of attraction is usually 9-10 years older. but that's celebrities, so in reality...probably 25-ish.
Nationality - no idea. all i know is that i dont want to date someone of my own nationality tbh.
Hair color and length - dark. brown or black. not too short and not too long. idk how to explain.
Eye color - brown or green. i have negative associations with blue eyes since the majority of people around me are blue eyed. idk. i guess ice blue are really cool though.
Skin color - white or east asian. mainly have a thing for asians these days tbh.
Height - tall is always attractive as heck. but honestly, just taller than me. im only 161 so thats not exactly a problem.
What kind of body type - like...normal? some muscle is nice, but not something you can very clearly see unless you flex...if that makes sense.
Clothing style - idk. im really into black jeans. other than that...cant explain.
What kind of personality - impossible to answer. like...kind...respectful...dorky...bit shy...idk
Is he virgin? - thats wishful thinking
Does he want a lot of sex? - idk
Does he have a lot of friends? - preferably not, but as long as im not dragged into it then i guess it doesn't matter.
Does he have social anxiety? - doeant matter as long as he would understand my anxiety problems. i could need someone who pushes me a little tbh.
Does he have any other mental illnesses? - preferably not.
His religion - dont really care as long as im not forced into it. i'd prefer an agnostic/something similar to that like i am. can't stand extremely religious people.
Does he smoke, drink or use drugs? - preferably non smoker. no drugs. occasional drinking is okay.
Does he have any hobbies? - idk
Anything else that you would like to mention about your ideal BF? - i'll happily settle with being a crazy cat lady, it's the plan. none of this above matters. just give me cats. and dogs.

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His age ? 24 - 29.
Nationality ? Preferably American.
Hair color and length ? Black or Brown. Short to semi-long. Honestly, as along as its not gross...
What kind of body type ? Preferably thin but average is also fine. He has some muscle but isn't ripped. Smooth skin and not too hairy.
Eye color ? I don't have a preference, as long as he has thoughtful eyes with a penetrating gaze..
Skin color ? I don't have a preference.
Height ? 5'9 - 5'11.
Clothing style ? I prefer him to be non- conformist regarding current fashion trends. Generally, he has a minimalist style, is casual and presentable. Moreover, I don't care to date someone who feels it's imperative to make a statement with the way he dresses every day. Impress me with your tact, not with your new pair of Jordan's. Neutral colors and very little jewelry.
Personality ? I would prefer if he had a hint of mystery to him and a calm aura. Witty, well spoken and possess the ability to hold a stimulating conversation and challenge me intellectually (I get bored with people easily, unfortunately.) Protective of my well being but never smothering. He would be open minded and supportive of my artistic temperament. A semi unpredictable, though not necessarily reckless type of man who's emotional maturity would be astounding. A supreme problem solver despite being born sensitive. In fact, he doesn't let that get in the way of anything he pursues and is very driven. Respectful, compassionate and harbors a great deal of patience. I wholeheartedly do not mind if he's a bit of a dork.
Is he a virgin ? I'm not discussing this.
Does he want a lot of sex ? I'm also not discussing this.
Does he have a lot of friend's ? I prefer him to be a semi-recluse who has a small group of friends that share similar interests and hobbies. He doesn't care to be overwhelmingly popular and is completely content with being alone at times. Bonus points If he is somewhat of an extrovert in his chosen career field.
Does he have social anxiety ? I don't think I would mind, but he would have to be a better off than me, not have a defeatist attitude regarding SA, have his anxiety managed well and be productive on a regular basis.
Does he have any other mental illness ?
Preferably not.
His religion ? No fanatics or cult leaders.
Does he smoke, drink or use drugs? No, socially and absolutely not.
Does he have any hobbies? Yes and plenty to keep him busy. It doesn't matter if it's indoor or outdoor. He will rarely proclaim that "he's bored."
Anything else that you would like to mention about your ideal BF?
He likes to dance to "Gangnam Style" in his underwear with me on Sunday mornings.


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His age - My age or a year or two older ideally. (mainly so we can experience college together and be in a similar life stage)

Nationality - Don't really care, as long as they already live in America. (not gonna bother with long distance since being together is complicated with different countries)

Hair color and length - Color doesn't matter that much, slightly prefer darker hair. Length... bit longer but not too excessive. Never been a fan of really short hair.

Eye color
- Blue/green are pretty but I really could careless

Skin color - Prefer paler skin but don't care that much tbh

Height? - Ideally 5'9"+? but no taller than 6'4" I've dated a guy who was 5'3" so not a big deal

What kind of body type? - Average, maybe a little chub

Clothing style? Prefer a guy who doesn't really care, but likes darker colors. T-shirt and jeans are fine with me. I do have a soft spot for facial piercings, stretched ears and tattoos. But it all really depends.

What kind of personality? - Sensitive, intelligent, romantic, caring, imaginative, creative... Uh.. someone who is able to bring out the best in me I guess and I in him, because that's all that really matters at the end of the day. Would also prefer we shared the same values and ideals in life. Willingness to get married and have kids in the future is a must. MBTI wise... ENFJ, ENFP, INFP, INFJ, so basically NF ideally. I'm an INFP myself.

Is he virgin? - Preferably I guess. 1 or 2 sex partners previously is fine, anymore at my age, I don't know...

Does he want a lot of sex? - Average to below average amount.

Does he have a lot of friends?
- 1 or 2 close friends is fine. I wouldn't be okay with him bringing random friends to our house, because it would make me uncomfortable.

Does he have social anxiety? - Eh... doesn't matter but preferably no? I want him to be able to realize the complexity of SA and be patient with me and understand or at least try to understand where I'm coming from.

Does he have any other mental illnesses? - Would prefer for him to at least understand what it's like to be apathetic, insecure, depressed, empty, and maybe even suicidal... So we have some sort of shared empathy towards one another. Sometimes it's difficult being friends with someone who doesn't quite understand how it feels... So I would prefer if they knew...

His religion - Atheist/agnostic.

Does he smoke, drink or use drugs?
- Would prefer if he'd be open to marijuana or trying psychedelic drugs (rarely/occasionally) nothing too hardcore. Smoking and drinking is OK occasionally but definitely not preferred.

Does he have any hobbies? - Drawing, writing, plays an instrument, plays video games, likes computers, are all a plus.

Anything else what you would like to mention about your ideal BF? - Must love doggies, and be able to put up with my bratty 13 year old corgi.

Your age: 19

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His age - 16-19

Nationality - Don't really care

Hair color and length - anything would be fine. BUT kinda long white hair would perfect (White not blonde)
Eye color - don't care?

Skin color - Any color really (except if he can pull off white hair he'd probably be white I guess)

Height? - 5,7 and taller

What kind of body type? - slender/ slightly athletic, not too athletic though

Clothing style? grunge or classic or a mix of the two

What kind of personality? - honest (as in brutally honest), open minded, likes to talk about meaningful things, doesn't have to be funny we can always laugh at our bad jokes, isn't overdramatic/overemotional, definitely NOT an extrovert, someone who thinks deep about anything and everything and is with our first date being playing video games at his house

Is he virgin? - Probably not, but would be cute if he was

Does he want a lot of sex? - Depends on how much is "a lot"

Does he have a lot of friends? - No

Does he have social anxiety? - I guess, since he'll be more likely to understand

Does he have any other mental illnesses? - Doesn't matter as long as he's sane

His religion - Not religious

Does he smoke, drink or use drugs? - Don't mind any of these, as long as he doesn't do them regularly

Does he have any hobbies? - reading, learning anything, video games,

Anything else what you would like to mention about your ideal BF? - I don't really care about most of the things above, except that he must be the kind of person that likes to think and likes knowing random and weird things, that finds "normal" things fascinating, doesn't care about people's opinion and doesn't conform to the ideas and morals of other people.

Your age: 16

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Here I go dreaming again. Someone please describe me ;)

If I ever really get a thing going on with someone here I am definitely going to do it in the boys equivalent.

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Not normally a thread I would post in because it seems like a relationship site questionnaire and I hate those, but I'm bored so here goes #yolo (calm down I'm using that ironically;))

His age - 19-25

Nationality - American, European, maybe Hispanic

Hair color and length - Brown & Somewhat Short (Blondes are cool too though : P)

Eye color - Brown

Skin color - Paler color

Height? - 5'5'' and up

What kind of body type? - Average

Clothing style?- lol idk not douchey?

What kind of personality? - funny, level-headed, knows how to be both quiet and outgoing

Is he virgin? - doesn't have to be

Does he want a lot of sex? - preferably no; some sex is ok

Does he have a lot of friends? - not necessarily; however many friends he has is fine

Does he have social anxiety? - doesn't have to have it but he can

Does he have any other mental illnesses? - if they are not very serious, then sure

His religion - has no religion or is a non-practicing christian

Does he smoke, drink or use drugs? - occasional drinking and recreational drug use preferred; smoking cigarettes is a maybe but leaning towards no

Does he have any hobbies? - hmm volunteering in his spare time?

Anything else what you would like to mention about your ideal BF? - he cannot hate animals and preferably he is someone as liberal as me : D

Your age: 18
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