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So, I'm not from there but I'm curious. If you were going to guess the population demographics of the United States based on the population of this board you'd assume Ohio was the most populous state in the nation based on how many SAS members are from there.

What makes Ohio so great? Are there fun things to do there? Why do people with SA choose Ohio to live rather than some other state that's less populated like Alaska or Montana?

I was there once with my Dad fishing as a kid and we didn't do much other than, well, fish. I tried to pretend lake Erie was the Pacific and that we were fishing on the Gulf of Mexico but my imagination just couldn't cut it. I got chased by some goslings and a momma goose though so it made my trip worthwhile. I've met a couple of people from Ohio. One cashiered with me at Walmart when I worked there and the other girl who I met at band camp could gargle the Star Spangled Banner with Listerine....

In the great and mighty nation of Wisconsin, we have a magic elixir for everything called beer, so people usually drink it as an aphrodesiac and it takes all of their problems away. Our culture prohibits anyone from dressing in anything other than green and gold or red on designated national religious holidays so SA people feel quite comfortable and inconspicuous among the masses during these holy events. These facts probably explain why their aren't many posters from Wisconsin on the board. I for one, only post here because I am a heathen and do not partake in the drinking of magic elixirs. If I did, my SA would probably be cured.
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You might be looking at it backwards. I was born here. I rarely ever leave. Only left Ohio three times. Two of those times were one week vacations and the third time was a 5min drive into Pennsylvania after I missed an exit.

It might be that Ohio creates SAers rather than SAers go to ohio. Most SA isolate and do not seem to be too big on traveling and moving and losing what little people they worked so hard to know so they never leave, maybe.

We are Ohio prisoners. Stay away from our state.
He's right; it's a Roach Motel.

We check in, but we don't check out!!! :lol
I third that. Ohio: The Bermuda Triangle of the United States.

Or as Colbert might describe us: Ohio, Iowa's New York.
I willingly moved to Ohio. It was a step down. And I'm only from Michigan. ;)

I should say that I actually like Cincinnati. I lived in Dayton for 6.5 years, though, and I never liked living there.

Have a nice day,
Kelly :)
Someone should get an Ohio Forever tat.
You first!
I'm just here because my parents happened to move here- not my choice. I would so much rather live in Florida where I used to live :)

Maybe there is something about Ohio that causes SA. I did get my SA while living here, lol. I wish it was the state's fault. Then I could cure myself just by moving!
What makes Ohio so great? Are there fun things to do there?
Absolutely nothing. It kind of sucks here.
This is where my job is at.

It isn't that bad if you know how to have fun by yourself and travel.
I concur, Ohio must birth ppl with SA and hold us captive so we can't leave. lol I wonder if it's something in the air... :eek:
Damn, I didn't know Ohio was SA central...=) I feel a part of something!

But really, I don't know where you are but I hate living in Ohio. Really boring.
I moved to Ohio about 3 months ago and I'm already planning on moving back to my home state of Indiana, this summer.
I don't like Ohio. Even though I just dislike my city, the other choices available make me go, "Ugh. Why would I want to live -there-?!"
I will show myself to people in Ohio. I like Ohio. I want to road trip there.
Will this camp/hike thing ever get off the ground?
I will be camping next weekend (Easter weekend) at Scioto Trail State Park near Chillicothe. If anyone wants to stop by I should be easy to find. I don't anticipate the campground being crowded. I have a small trailer and a red Ford truck.
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