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I've been offered a position at the bank I work at in the IT department and to make it short I didnt apply for this position I was asked to be in the department because Im taking computer classes in the fall. I didnt apply for it because well I didnt feel ready since I had no experience. The IT manager asked me to atleast chat with him about it before I turned him down, so I met with him the next day and once he started talking about the position I instantly became nervous and anxious at just the thought of all I would have to do and learn. When I left the meeting my heart was racing and I kinda felt down. The thing that I do want the position Im just scared I will let the bank down and not do well at it or I wont be able to learn everything and not to mention the pay is a lot better than what I do at the bank now, so for that alone I kinda want the job. Im thankful that they asked, but I just feel stuck now like if I say no then Im letting the bank down and if I say yes I wont do well and let them down. Ugh I hate feeling like this!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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