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Only to have it come back worse than it was before. This is my rant/story, sorry about the length.

This summer, I honestly thought I was done with SA. I decided to just throw myself out there. I got a job waitressing at a very busy restaurant, and although some days were stressful (typical rude people, and one of my managers was a complete b!tch who definately picked favorites) I felt that it really helped me get out of my shell.

For the first time in forever, I was actually social. I hung out with friends almost everyday. I got way better at small talk. I had a boyfriend. Compared to all the other waiters and waitresses, I was still the quietest and they did occasionally make comments about it, but it seemed like they were made affectionately.

Now fast forward to September. I just started University this year. As a full time student, I don't have much time to work. I had originally planned to work thursday evenings and weekends during the school year, but I suddenly found that I couldn't cope with work once it was added to the stress of school. I'd handled the *****y customers and my manager all summer and was okay with it then, but I just couldn't do it anymore. After an awful weekend, (a table of 14 that screamed and raged at me for something that was the kitchen's fault, and my manager picking on me and singling me out more than usual) I quit my job on the spot.

Now it's like I've completely regressed. I get nervous just going to classes. All my small talk skills seem to have completely disappeared. I've only made about 2 friends and when they asked me to hang out, I was too afraid to go and made up a prior engagement. My boyfriend and I broke up because I just couldn't make the effort in our relationship anymore. I'm too scared to even try applying for another job.

I just feel so incredibly frustrated. I thought for sure my life was finally becoming normal, but it seems like its almost impossible to shake SA off completely.

Anyway that's my rant. Anyone else have similar stories they wanna share?
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