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Yesterday was a weird day.-Found out I had a meeting to attend Wednesday night.- Rushed to make a hair appointment - needed a cut so I'd feel more comfortable at the meeting.- Always go to the same place and the stylist always does a great job! So,she was cutting my hair and I mostly kept my eyes closed(it discourages her from talking much)-anyway as I said she always does a good job. Happen to open my eyes and she's whacked off too much! When I get to the meeting I am of course,obsessing over my hair. They have all these power point presentations so I'm hoping the lights will be turned down.-No such luck! Then as a get acquainted move we are instructed to stand up and give 5 strangers a high five and tell each one something positive you've noticed about them. Approx. 45 minutes later we have to approach 5 more strangers and ask how they're doing. Oh,how I hate these peppy types. If I was an alcoholic I'd have headed straight for a bar afterwards.- A nice dark one where I with my chopped hair could hide. Anybody know where you can buy a burqa??!!?
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