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I have been working in the IT tech field since 2004. I joined the Air Force reserve as a Client Systems support Technician, after tec school I joined my unit and stayed on orders for a few years essentially doing HelpDesk/Desktop support. When it comes to government jobs you need CompTIA Security+ cert so I got that as well. As a reservist and not Active Duty you can only stay on orders for so long. When that was running out I just looked up government contract tec support jobs on base and found one at an actual help desk and started working there. I really just try to jump around to a different contract or company every 3 or so years. Right now I am working on a Missile Defense program monitoring their network and I report any outages that occur during my shift. I have been there for almost a year. It's already becoming a cush job and I am starting to get complacent. I will give it another year and then I will need to find something else, hopefully with a 20% pay raise.
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