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“Socializing requires giving up your identity and morphing into more of a shared cultural identity.”

I know exactly what you mean, and agree with everything you said in that post. When you’re someone who has individual interests to most, it does feel as if you have to give up your identity for the shared cultural identity in order to communicate. And this is something which I will not give up, so I often find myself separated from others and alone in my own world. It’s as if I live on another planet to everyone else, and communication between my world and theirs leads no where. Few people I can actually relate to, and few people actually take the time to understand me. I can understand why, because if I can’t understand them, I wouldn’t expect the same back. It’s like a phone line which cuts out at the end, and my social anxiety doesn’t exactly help either.

Society is consumed by things which I cannot find interest in myself: pop music, the hottest movies, the hottest TV shows, celebrity gossip etc. etc. and I’m glad to find that there’s others who feel the same. What if you’re not interested in these things? It’s as if there’s this pressure to follow along, but when doing so, you lose your own identity.

I have never really been able to have a good conversation about a shared interest of mine with another person, because I am yet to find others who have similar values and interests to myself. It’s like I’m surrounded by this foreign language, or that I’m simply not human. I’ve been told several times that I need to get with it and things like that, which offends me as these foreign people are clearly not being respectful of who I am and what I am interested in. Just because I don’t live in the shallow world of junky movies, TV shows, celebrities, pop music, fashion, what is “cool” or “in” etc. which the majority of people I’ve met live in, doesn’t give them the right to tell me to “get with it”, because it’s not right for someone to change themselves in order to fit into the norms a culture creates. One day I hope to find more people who I can relate to. In the mean time, I will not create a false self just so I can mould myself into a culture which I clearly do not relate to.

Thank you for that excellent post. That is something I can certainly relate to. Never change who you are because individuality is a wonderful thing and is something which the world needs.
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