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So, I just started school(a 3 yr diploma course) a few weeks ago and I already feel like giving up. I'm feeling tired and really unmotivated. Yes SA does affect my mood a little, but more than that it's my interest in the course that's lacking. The way I see it I'm just in this course for the damn diploma, which would allow me to earn more in future than with just my current qualifications. I have no intention at all of continuing in this line once I graduate(if I do at all), because I do have my sights on a different, unrelated career.

I don't know what the eff I'm doing in this course, I feel stupid for choosing it in the first place. Now it's too late to change because I feel I'd have a tougher time since I'd have to catch up on a semester worth of work, and with yet another new group of people.

You could say that 3 years is a short period of time, and I do agree, but right now it looks so daunting. I'm growing weary but I hope I can pull it off and get my diploma so I could have a better life..
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