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I broke up with my ex gf like a week ago and I lost some friends because she didn't want me to talk to them... so I had to deactivate my account for like a month. Since I kicked her out, I am back to FB, but I get no messages, etc like i used to. I feel more lonely than ever since my first relationship ended, but I had kick her out to forget about her and move on. I didn't want a girl who don't have feelings toward me and I also had no feelings toward her to live here with me.

I've been trying to find a gf for a while and I ended up with a girl who plays mind games and just wanted supports ... (she has a daughter)
Lesson learned: To never date a single mom, especially with bad history.

You think I should attend events at I am too shy though and quiet. Nobody seem to not want to talk to me whenever I attend.
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