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Do you ever find that certain meds before sleep gives u horriffic nightmares? I had the worst flashback's so vivid that I'm emotionally drained after awaking in Panic. My energy is already drained and the day hasnt even started yet, I mean crying hard for like 10 minutes after recollecting wtf just happened in my dream...haunting.
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Well I don't use any meds and I dream really rarely, but I like dreams even nightmares.
thats pretty darknight holmes, If u talking about gory Resident Evil type dreams...their way more real than that, I guess since I lived it, flashbacks scare the living **** out of me, and it takes a while to seperate whats real.
No I am not talking about Resident Evil type of dreams. I am saying that I like all kind of dreams, even when they really scare it's just interesting thing those dreams. All kind of stuff comes alive from the deepest cores of your mind.
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