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news anchor Peter Jennings dead

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I just saw my local news and it must have just happened today. He died of lung cancer that he had been battling for awhile. He was 67, I think. I haven't seen anything about it online yet so I can't post a link. :(
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I was kind of suprised, I didn't think he was that sick. That lung cancer though, that stuff is a b****. ... t_jennings
Very sad. He was nine months younger than I am.
That is sad.. I saw the special report last night and I know he had lung cancer but didn't know he was that sick...
I heard about it yesterday too. It's really sad. He's like the News Anchor Godfather.
It's so devestating. I'm going to miss him. He was such a great man. R.I.P. Peter Jennings. :(
He was such a nice guy. I guess he had a very progressive inoperable type of cancer. They said on the news that he was originally from Canada and that he didn't obtain his U.S. citizenship until two years ago. He also was married 5 times. I think he was very handsome. He surely will be missed.
Another link about P. Jennings if its not already posted.
I was really shocked to hear about it today. He was a supreme journalist who was very real and hands-on. I'm glad he died in his home, with his family, and very peacefully. He went just the perfect way, although much too soon.

Bye, Peter. We'll miss you... :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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